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This is a continuation of Jan Tielen's SmartPart which was originally written for SharePoint 2007. Hopefully many developers can get involved to expand this great web part.

To reinforce the difference in this WebPart to the standard VS WebParts the idea is to deploy once through SharePoint. To update your widgets and WebPart Controls (ASP.NET controls , embedded Silverlight controls) you just over write the latest files to the user-controls virtual directory that is exposed to SmartParts.
In the end you should be only updating html, javascript, css, .xap, .cs, dlls, ..etc. This does a few things:
  1. Faster Deployment (need for visual studio deploy is less frequent)
  2. Greater Control over your web parts
  3. Less of a chance of corrupting SharePoint's registry / database.
  4. Out of the box WebPart to WebPart communication



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